Mobiconf 2017 – najciekawsze prezentacje (wideo)

Redakcja   27 grudnia 2017

W październiku w Krakowie odbyła się Mobiconf 2017 – jedna z największych i najciekawszych konferencji branży IT w Polsce. Pojawili się prelegenci z Apple, Zalando, Facebooka, Pinterest, Hyper, Asos, Miquido i wielu innych świetnych firm. Organizatorzy udostępnili niedawno kilka najciekawszych prezentacji .


John Sundell – iOS, indie game & open source developer at Hyper

John makes apps, games & Swift developer tools. He’s been working with iOS since the early days of the SDK, and has built apps & frameworks for companies like Volvo & Spotify.

Talk: “Everyone is an API designer: Creating great APIs in Swift”.

How can thoughtful API design help us create a better architecture in our apps, and what characterizes a really great API?

Those are some of the questions that John will attempt to answer – in a talk that will give you tips, tricks and a lot of examples on how everyone can design amazing APIs.

Raymond Ho – Product Design Lead at Zalando

After a product design degree, a couple of internships, and a foray into graphic design, Raymond decided to start from scratch in a brave new world known as Web design. His experience opened his eyes to usability and accessibility, and how that fitted in with the ‘traditional’ facets of design that include artistry and subjectivity. Since then, he has been mindful of continuing to engage in opportunities that merged these interests.

Talk: “What’s beyond the black mirror by Ray Ho”.

UX Design for the world that is more than your screen.

Savvas Dalkitsis – Principal Software Engineer at ASOS

Savvas is an International Speaker, focusing on clean code, testing methodologies and Android. An ex Shazamer, currently a Principal Software Engineer at ASOS

Talk: “Migrating a mature code base to Kotlin”.

In this presentation we will talk about the practicalities of slowly migrating a mature Android app to Kotlin.

The ASOS Android app is about 4 years old. During this time, a lot of legacy code has been accumulated, and many different technologies used.

We will present our approach of integrating Kotlin, the lessons we learned and a few Kotlin features we love and can no longer do without.

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Podłącz się do nas na Twitterze lub Facebooku, żeby nie przegapić żadnych informacji ze świata Apple.

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